Marketing & Communications Specialist for

Psychiko, Attica, Greece


Convert Group on behalf of, is looking to appoint a Marketing & Communications Specialist. was created by Sofia Koutsiana-Kellogg to inspire and guide people on their personal journey of transformation.

Sofia Koutsiana-Kellogg is a certified transformative coach, writer and public speaker who has been working with individuals and businesses from around the world for over a decade, helping them see beyond their obstacles, challenges, and insecurities and connect more deeply with who they truly are. Through her coaching programs and blog posts, she helps people have a deeper understanding of how their mind works, how their experience of life is created, and the simple yet profound nature of true wisdom. is looking for a Marketing & Communications Specialist to join them and become part of a great team, preferably with a keen interest in self-improvement, as well physical and mental well-being, through activities such as yoga, meditation or gyrotonics.

Location: Athens, Greece




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